Granular Lymphocytes

LGL 3-4 (Feline 1-2) ARROWS
Granular lymphocytes. Feline (LGL).

Morphology: lymphocytes with pink or red cytoplasmic granules. Granular lymphocytes are either cytotoxic T-cells or natural killer cells.

Look alike: granulocytes (eosinophils, basophils)

Clinical relevance: present in low numbers in healthy animals (1 – 10% of lymphocytes). Most frequently observed in cattle. Increased granular lymphocytes may occur with certain reactive conditions (Ehrlichia canis infection and chronic renal disease in dogs) or with large granular lymphocytic leukemia (LGL).

LGL 1 (Canine 1) ARROWS
Granular lymphocytes (arrows). Normal mature lymphocyte (arrowhead). Artifactual echinocytes also visible (not marked). Canine (LGL).
Gran Lymphocytes 5 (Feline 1) ARROWS
Granular lymphocyte. Feline.
Gran Lymphocytes 1-3 (Bovine 1-3) ARROWS
Granular lymphocytes (granules marked with arrowheads). Bovine.
Gran Lymphocytes 4 (Bovine 4) ARROWS
Granular lymphocyte (arrow). Erythrocyte with basophilic stippling and platelets also visible (not marked). Bovine.

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