Basophils 3 (Feline 1) ARROWS
Basophil. Feline.

Morphology: granulocyte with a large irregularly lobulated nucleus, lavender-staining cytoplasm, and numerous purple (basophilic) cytoplasmic granules. Considerable species variation in appearance of basophils.

Look alike: mast cells, other granulocytes (neutrophils, eosinophils)

Clinical relevance: basophils are rare in the blood of healthy animals. Basophilia (↑ basophils in peripheral blood) is usually associated with allergies/hypersensitivities or parasitic infections and is often accompanied by eosinophilia.

Basophils 1 (Equine 1) ARROWS
Basophil (arrow) surrounded by rouleaux (arrowheads). Equine.
Basophils 2 (Equine 2) ARROWS
Basophil. Equine.


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