Cytauxzoon felis

Cytauxzoon felis 1 ARROWS
Cytauxzoon felis piroplasms. Feline.

Morphology: small ring-shaped piroplasms with a dark eccentric nucleus inside red blood cells. Usually 1 – 2 piroplasms per red cell.

Look alikes: siderocytes, Howell-jolly bodies, Babesia felis

Commonly seen with: Mycoplasma haemofelis (concurrent infection)

Clinical relevance: Cytauxzoon felis is a protozoal parasite that infects cats. Causes severe (often fatal) disease with non-specific clinical signs; pancytopenia and coagulopathy are common; post-mortem findings include hemorrhage, edema, and thrombosis.

Cytauxzoon felis 2 ARROWS
Cytauxzoon felis piroplasms in erythrocytes (arrows) and in neutrophils (arrowheads). Feline.

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