Neutrophils 1+2+9 (Bovine 1-3) ARROWS
Neutrophils. Poikilocytosis also present in right panel (young calf). Bovine.
Neutrophils 4-6 (Equine 1-3) ARROWS
Neutrophils. Equine.

Also called: mature neutrophils, segmented neutrophils (segs), polymorphonuclear cells (PMN)

Morphology: granulocyte with an indented (segmented) nucleus and white or pale pink cytoplasm. Canine and bovine neutrophils may contain small pink cytoplasmic granules, while feline and equine neutrophils typically lack visible granules.

Look alike: other granulocytes (eosinophilsbasophils)

Commonly seen with: bands (left shift), toxic change

Clinical relevance: neutrophils are the most common leukocytes in peripheral blood of healthy animals, except cattle in which lymphocytes predominate). Neutrophila (↑ neutrophils in peripheral blood) is most commonly associated with acute stress (epinephrine release), corticosteroids, inflammation, and bacterial infection.

Neutrophils 1 (Canine 1 - Iron Deficiency) ARROWS
Neutrophils (arrows). Polychromatophils (arrowheads). Hypochromasia and microcytosis also visible (not marked). Canine (iron deficiency anemia).
Neutrophils 8 (Canine 2 - Iron Deficiency) ARROWS
Neutrophils (arrows). Acanthocyte, keratocyte, hypochromasia, and microcytosis also visible (not marked). Canine (iron deficiency anemia).
Neutrophils 14 (Equine 4) ARROWS
Neutrophil (arrow). Rouleaux also visible (not marked). Equine.
Neutrophils 10 (Bovine 4 - Calf) ARROWS
Neutrophils (arrows). Marked poikilocytosis, microcytosis, and thrombocytosis in a young calf. Bovine.
Neutrophils 12 (Canine 4 - Regen Anemia) ARROWS
Mature neutrophils (arrows). Band neutrophil (arrowhead). Metarubricyte (circled). Polychromatophils and anisocytosis also visible (not marked). Canine (regenerative anemia).
Neutrophils 13 (Canine 5 - Neutrophilia)
Neutrophilia. Canine.
Neutrophils 15 (Canine 6 - Neutrophilia)
Neutrophilia. Canine (pyometra).

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