LGL 3-4 (Feline 1-2) ARROWS
Granular lymphocytes. Feline (LGL).

Large granular lymphocytic leukemia (LGL): rare form of leukemia secondary to lymphoma. Primary tumors (large granular lymphosarcoma) usually arise in the abdominal cavity (spleen, liver, GI tract, lymph nodes). Secondary leukemia may develop with increased granular lymphocytes on blood smears.

LGL 2 (Canine 2) ARROWS
Granular lymphocytes (arrows). Ruptured cell (arrowhead). Canine (LGL).
LGL 1 (Canine 1) ARROWS
Granular lymphocytes (arrows). Normal mature lymphocyte (arrowhead). Artifactual echinocytes also visible (not marked). Canine (LGL).

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