Codocytes 1 (Canine 1 - DIC) ARROWS
Codocytes. Canine (DIC regenerative anemia).

Also called: target cells

Morphology: canine red blood cells with a bullseye appearance. Caused by increased ratio of cell membrane to hemoglobin content which results in a central bulge.

Look alike: torocytes

Clinical relevance: may be associated with regenerative anemia (polychromatophilic codocytes), iron deficiency anemia (hypochromic codocytes), liver disease and hypercholesterolemia (normochromic codocytes).  Only observed in canine red blood cells with central pallor.

Codocytes 2 (Canine 2 - DIC) ARROWS
Codocytes (arrows). Artifactual torocyte (arrowhead). Canine (DIC regenerative anemia).
Codocytes 3 (Canine 3 - DIC) ARROWS
Codocytes (arrows). Polychromatophils and schizocyte also visble (not marked). Canine (DIC regenerative anemia).

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