Giant Platelet

Giant Platelets 1-2 (Canine 1-2) ARROWS
Giant platelets (arrows). Normal platelets (unmarked) visible at bottom of right panel. Canine.

Also called: macroplatelet

Morphology: very large platelets (larger than red blood cells). Morphology may be normal or abnormal depending on underlying cause.

Clinical relevance: giant platelets are often (but not always) immature platelets produced in response to peripheral causes of thrombocytopenia. Giant platelets may be observed in healthy animals (most common in cats). Giant platelets may also result from congential disorders (inherited macrothrombocytopenias).

Giant Platelets 8 (Canine 7)
Giant platelets. Canine.
Giant Platelets 4 (Canine 4 - DIC) ARROWS
Giant platelets (arrows). Normal platelets (arrowheads). Canine (DIC).
Giant Platelets 5 (Canine 5 - Hypochromic Microcytic Anemia) ARROWS
Giant platelets (arrows). Normal platelets (arrowheads). Neutrophil, polychromatophils, microcytes, hypochromasia also visible (not marked). Canine (iron deficiency anemia).
Giant Platelets 3 (Canine 3) ARROWS
Giant platelet (arrow). Neutrophil also visible (not marked). Canine.
Giant Platelets 6 (Canine 6 - Macrothrombocyopenic Disorder) ARROWS
Giant platelet (arrow) with abnormal morphology. Canine (inherited macrothrombocytopenia).
Giant Platelets 7 (Feline 1 - IMHA) ARROWS
Activated giant platelet (arrow). Activated normal platelet (arrowhead) with centralized granules. Polychromatophils, spherocytes, ghost cells also visible (not marked). Feline (IMHA).


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