Normal Bovine Erythrocytes

Normal Bovine 3
Normal erythrocytes. Bovine.

Morphology: relatively small red blood cells with mild anisocytosis and a small amount of central pallor.

Lifespan: 160 days

Other features: basophilic stippling common with regenerative response. Young calves (< 3 months) may show marked poikilocytosis, thrombocytosis, and microcytosis (microcytosis may persist up to 1 year of age due to physiologic iron deficiency). Polychromatophils are rare in healthy cattle.

Normal Bovine 1
Normal erythroctes. Bovine.
Normal Bovine 2
Normal erythrocytes. Two neutrophils visible at top left. Bovine.
Normal Bovine 4 (Calf - Poikilocytosis)
Marked poikilocytosis, thrombocytosis, and microcytosis in a young calf. Bovine.

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